Our name says it all and what we do better than any other driving school in the business is; get you through your driving test first time easily and confidently, simple as that.
Driving Lessons Dublin

From the very first second you sit into the car with your Pass My Test driving instructor, you will know you’re going to pass your driving test.

Your driving lessons will be broken down step by step to ensure that you learn every single last detail you need to know in order for you to pass your driving test and to ensure nothing is left to chance.

We teach you the same way we were thought as driving instructors. That is to have no faults at all in your driving test. When you learn to drive in such a way you become the best possible driver you can be and when your driving test arrives you will pass it without even thinking about it, fact.
Our Driving Test Pass Rate

Our results say it all and people from all across the country now choose Pass My Test as their Number 1 Driving School.

With an average pass rate of over 98% it’s no wonder we have become the leading driving school in Ireland.

Have a look around the site; see all the happy smiling pictures and all the wonderful testimonials from students who took their driving lessons with us and passed with us.

We here at Pass My Test don’t just talk about getting you through your driving test, we follow through in what we say, meaning you learn with us, you pass with us, easy.
Your Driving Instructor

Only the best of the best driving instructors get to join the ranks of Pass My Test. Each and every driving instructor who applies to join our highly professional team must have an average pass rate in their ADI Exams of over 98%.

They then must prove to us that they know the driving test routes in their areas and they must show us that they can get the student through the driving test first time round.

We guarantee you your pass my test driving instructor will be friendly, patient and highly knowledgeable. It’s safe to say we have the best driving instructors in the country and you will soon realise this when you have your full licence in your hands.
Driving Lessons Dublin Cost

Pass My Test changed the driving lesson industry for the better by offering students reasonable rates for driving lessons when all the other driving schools were still and still are ripping students off.

When other driving schools are still asking way above the odds for driving lessons we have always kept our prices the lowest and best in the industry. Please see our prices page.

We offer students the option to pay as you learn and also the best block deals you will find anywhere.

Putting it simply our prices are the best prices around and when you mix this with the best driving lessons around you’re guaranteed to be onto a winner.
What Next?

We’re confident in saying that If You Learn With Us You Will Pass With Us. This is not a statement, this is a fact.

We want you to be the next pass photo on our website so if you’re ready to learn to drive and get your full license then book your driving lessons with us now.

Thank You for choosing Pass My Test for your Driving Lessons Dublin, our promise to you is that you won’t be disappointed…