and Euro dollars, we can better understand that they are for the purpose of generating Operating Loans and issuing Letters of Credit to businesses which wish to buy material and products from other business organizations in other countries. There is a cap to how much money we can make no matter how hard we try. Not even 5 minutes into the film, George Clooney walks into a bank and attempts to rob it.

He walks up to the woman teller who has a large grin on her face and replicates her large smile with one of his own. This can be helpful if you’re mining both coal and iron to smelt together to make steel bars. I was aware that she wouldn’t reveal any information to me other than yes and no answers, but I kept probing.

On our part, we should use this efficiently, save effort and time. Asian as well as European foreign investors have found Mauritius a remarkable place for overseas building investment. When less than experienced Associates expect absolute perfection and “up-to-the-minute” communication, these immediate reactions inevitably cause more delays, short-comings and frustrations on behalf of not only the Associate but the Trade Platform as well.

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