cheap michael korsCharity Name The first item that must be written on the receipt is the official full name of the charity. The official name of the charity is the one that is Cheap Michael Kors on file with the IRS, so make sure this is the one that is placed on the receipt. Date of the Donation The receipt must also have the full date including the year in which the donation was made. Donation Items The receipt must clearly state what items were donated and the number of items . . Amount of Contribution The final required item is the amount of the donation. This may be a single number if only one item is donated, or it may be a sum total of multiple items donated such as a bags of clothes. Each item donated does not have to have a value beside it, but there must be a value for the total donation. While donating unused items to a worthwhile charity is a great way to reduce your taxable income, make sure to get the proper charitable donation form with language that adheres to the IRS regulations.

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