ateneo vs. san beda

As a Basketball Team, being a champion is a title that you have to keep as long as your team exists and to be able to do that you have to be the strongest among your enemies. Every team trains very hard to enhance their skills and to be more competitive but only one of that team will be entitled or awarded as champion.
In Filoil Flying V Preseason Hanes Premiere Cup two champions battled for supremacy in the world of basketball. This battle is a test wherein San Beda Red Lions (NCAA Champion) and Ateneo Blue Eagles (UAAP Champion) proves who is the better champion.
In this fight both teams tried their best to win but only one of them became victorious. San Beda’s performance during the second half leads them to victory against Ateneo. This victory gave Ateneo it’s first lost in this tournament. This battle proves that the Lions is a true champion but there is always a time for a rematch and this is not the end of Filoil Flying V Preseason Hanes Premiere Cup so let’s wait for the time when these two champions meet again.
After the Filoil Flying V Preseason Hanes Premiere Cup the team who makes the best performance will bet the true champions.